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Is it like David and Goliath all over again?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that taking on a company as an individual is a bold and daring thing to do. Moreover, you would be right. It is an intimidating thing to do.

Anyone who suffered an injury in a place where there is the possibility of a case against a company might shy away from taking on a company. You can forgive them for thinking it is not worth their time and effort. Even small companies usually have more resources than an individual.

Individual Power

But the reality is there’s a horrible paradox here. Just as it is intimidating to fight a Goliath, it is the individual who is going to suffer the most at the hands of a behemoth. As any personal injury lawyer tampa florida will tell you, the person who suffers most is the little guy.

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It’s time we all worked out this. The people who foot the bill is us. The corporations get to void taxes and contribute nothing to the towns and cities they use.  There’s something to be said for the guy who will help the little guy out. There’s a level of natural justice about it – and that is a real legal concept.

Taking on the Big Boys

That is why the David and Goliath story works so well for us all. We want to see the underdog triumph.  We want to see the behemoth beaten into submission – because within us all is the idea that it is how it should be. Once in a while the small guy should win.

All too often we lose the human story – it is easy to state legal precedent when talking in the abstract. It becomes a little harder when it becomes this or that life affected. Three cheers for the people who will stand up for the innocent.