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Common Types of Criminal Charges in Oklahoma

If you’ve been charged with a crime, do not go to court without a lawyer. A misdemeanor criminal conviction can result in up to 11 months, 29 days in jail while a felony conviction can result in a minimum of one year in prison up to life. There are other consequences of a conviction as well, including probation, fines, etc.

Make sure you go to court with a lawyer to get a better shot at winning your case. Lawyers know the laws and how to defend you in court. Some of the most common criminal charges committed by those in the area include:


Assault occurs when a person intentionally harms or threatens to cause harm to another person. Assault may be upgraded to a felony offense and the charge of aggravated assault if a weapon is used or other factors apply.


DUI is a common criminal charge facing Guymon residents. You may be charged with DUI if you get behind the wheel of an automobile after consuming alcoholic beverages. If you’re amongst those people, make sure that you know criminal law guymon ok and hire an attorney to represent the case in court. DUI conviction can change your life without a lawyer there to help.

Drug Charges

A person may be charged with drug possession, drug trafficking, possession with intent to resell, and several other drug related criminal charges. If you want to ensure the best shot at a fair trial, makes you go to court with the expertise that an attorney brings to the table.

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Cyber Crimes

Cyber crimes are becoming more common as technology progresses. Many types of cyber crimes exist, any of which may get you thrown into jail or prison for an extended period of time. This includes stalking amongst many other types of crimes.